The sustainable development and the traceability of our products are in the heart of Escal company’s concerns. In front of limited resources of the planet and to satisfy customers concerned by their daily diet, Escal is committed for the preservation of marine species and natural areas. By trusting Escal, you have the guarantee to consume quality seafood products and respectful of the environment. Escal offers certified MSC, ASC and organic references. The logo on the packaging will allow you to recognize them in store.

The species' protection : the MSC certification

The MSC certification (Marine Stewardship Council) reward fisheries respectful of a charter that aims to protect fished species, as well as the whole marine ecosystem.

In practice, MSC fisheries:

  • Respect the continuity of the stocks,  no overexploitation of the ressources
  • Ensure the preservation of the ecosystem, in particular thanks to actions to limit the capture of non-targeted species. 
  • Are affective in their management system and accept the Code of Conduct MSC.

The whole chain, from the fisheries to the shelving is certified by independent organism. The products are identified in shelf by the MSC logo.

Escal carries the MSC certification since 2009 with an independent audit every year. The brand is currently offering in its range 8 products MSC certified: the peeled and cooked mussels, the cooked whole lobster, the scallops, the whole raw pilchards, the cod backs, the saithethe haddock, and the Albacore tuna.

For further information on the MSC certification, please consult the official website: www.msc.org

Responsible aquaculture : the ASCcertification

Escal is engaged in favor of the responsible aquaculture by supporting the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). The ASC’s mission is to push forward aquaculture to practices more respectful of the environment and socially more responsible.

The ASC certification implies answer to several criteria:

  • Natural environment preserved
  • Limited density of prawns
  • Controlled diet
  • Balanced management of water and effluents
  • Respect of local populations


Escal, precursor on the ASC certified prawns’ segment, is carrier of ASC certification since 2013. The brand is currently offering in its range 8 products ASC certified: the raw and peeled peeled shrimps Ecuador, the cooked and peeled White Tiger prawns Ecuador, the shrimps cocktail, the King Size prawns Ecuador, the King Prawns provencales, the raw prawn tails easy-peel Ecuador, the Black Tiger prawns, and the salmon fillet.

For further information on the ASC certification, please consult the official website: www.asc-aqua.org

Without adding chemical preservatives The organic certification

Applied to products which originate from organic method of production, this organic logo certifies an agricultural and aquacole production respectful of specific norms. Very concretely, the organic seafood products of Escal are characterized as follows:

  • A healthy diet originating from responsible and sustainable production methods
  • No genetic manipulation, no GMO.
  • Sites choice, control of water quality, and ecosystems protection.
  • Respect of local communities, commitments in local development


Granted to producers following their certification by an independent organism, itself accredited, the European organic logo becomes mandatory in complement of potential national or private logos. Escal is today certified European organic and AB for its unit in Strasbourg.

Escal offers several BIO(organic) certified produits such as the raw prawns tails, the cooked gourmet prawnsthe garlic and parsley shrimps, the mussels  and the salmon fillets.