Our commitment

The sustainable development became, the last few years, a major subject which keeps growing. It is important for us to offer sustainable products which preserve the natural resources of our planets. Since a few years, we are committed to transform our supply chain into a sustainable resource. Escal and all its stakeholders are making the choice to avoid fishing in critical capture areas in order to refrain from contributing to some species extinction..

Our actions

We are constantly trying to make our products range more sustainable. Indeed, we are regularly controlling the species, fishing areas and fishing methods in order to meet the sustainable development criteria. This running allows us to optimize our range. For example, the endangered species are replaced by new species.

Our behavior in the fishing sector

We avoid to fish endangered seafood and fish species or fishing in critical areas. We are focused more on MSC certified fisheries. We are attentive to the different fishing methods such a trawl or dredge which are not optimal unless submitted to a sustainable certification. In this aspect, we privileged soften methods of capture such as net fishing.

Our interest for Aquaculture 

We are making the aquaculture choice in order to reduce the negative impact on the flora and fauna. We also avoid farming methods with a negative impact on the environment, mangroves, as well as other wildlife habitat.

We are selecting our raw material in trustful farms which respect different criteria including a limited density of production. This way, we are privileging ASC certified farmers and watching over a minimized wild fishing. Furthermore, it is important for us that no chemical products and antibiotics are used in the diet of the raised species.

The traceability

At any time and for all products, we can provide you traceability elements linked to the capture and farming location. It prevents the purchase of illegal raw material from blacklisted ships and firms.

The installations and packaging environmentally friendly  

To minimize the environmental impact of the transportation, we are controlling the transport as a whole in the manufacturing process. In our manufacture, we are ensuring a precise water management by minimizing the useless water consumption and by watching sewage.

We are very careful on the reduction and sorting of waste. In this way, we are carrying a particular importance to the green point and replacing the non-recycling packaging, such as foil, in recycling material. 100% of our packaging are therefore recyclable. Throughout our choice of suppliers, we are privileging suppliers which are acting in favor of a sustainable development and which are localized near our manufacture.