Escal Quality

Escal is  dedicated to the highest quality in all the work we do, from the sourcing of the best raw materials across the world, to the quality controls.  First of all, it starts with the research of the best raw materials across the world until the controls carried out by our quality department.

Thanks to our trusting relationships with our long-term suppliers, to the experience of our commercial units, and the regular controls, Escal can furnish products of an exceptional quality!


From the fishing to the packaging in our manufacture in Strasbourg, the raw materials are controlled several times, both in our internal quality department and in independant laboratories. Did you ever thought that every year we were performing 4 100 microbiological tests and 950 specific analysis? To this, can be added 2 300 internal testings in order to ensure you an oustanding culinary pleasure.

This notion of quality  is reinforced by the IFS certification, obtained in 2003. The International Food Standard (IFS) is an international standard which has a purpose of quality and food security. It allows to verify that their suppliers have all the required competences. It includes 278 control points in all sphere of competence.