Which shrimps should I use for this dish? How to cook the scallops or the octopus? So many questions without answers.
On this page, we are giving you a few tips to better choose your products.

Tips for the shrimps

In France, we are usually using the denomination “shrimps”. Beyond our borders, the shrimps can also be named King Prawns or Prawns given their size more or less large. The shrimps are colored in grey when they are fished (raw) and become pink after baking. Their size can vary from 8 to 15cm. The shrimps are fished in different parts of the world (Ecuador, Patagonia…). They can be naturally fished in oceans as our shrimps or as well be raised in basins meeting the global standards of a responsible aquaculture.

Which shrimps for daily life?

The raw and peeled shrimps are the most appropriate for daily usage. The advantage of the shrimps already peeled is to save time since they are sold without their shell and so ready-to-use. After thaw, it only requires to be cooked for a few minutes in a frying pan. They can be perfectly associated with many dishes such as risotto, pasta, salad and soup.

For even more rapidity, opt for the marinated shrimps which can be immediately tasted after baking and does not require to thaw in advance. Our recipe with garlic and parsley butter is a real pleasure for your palate.

What shrimps in aperitif, snack or salad?

It is preferable to use cooked shrimps which can be served cold immediately after thaw. The peeled shrimps, as our Shrimps Ecuador ASC, are perfect to garnish you chill salad.

In aperitif, you can use smaller shrimps as our Shrimps Tropical. They are delicious accompanied with a cocktail sauce. As a snack, you can garnish a salad or a wrap. Lastly, to add a bit of originality to your cold buffets, offer to your guests some delicious glasses of shrimps.

What shrimps for the barbecue?

For the barbecue, opt for big size shrimps with shell. The shell preserves the taste and protect the drying-out of the barbecue. For an easy peel after baking, choose our Easy-Peel shrimps with a sliced back. (Raw Shrimps Ecuador Easy-Peel). If you wish to savour your shrimps with a marinade and you do not have the time to prepare one, you can use our marinated shrimps on skewers, (King Prawns Provençal Ecuador) excellent for the grill. The shrimps on skewers require only 2-3minutes on the grill.

Tips for seafood

The term “seafood” covers different marine species. It includes among other things the mussels, the squids, the cuttlefishes, the octopus… Cooked, you can taste seafood separately as the Calamar Romana or as a cocktail like the frutti di mare which combines different marine species.

Marinated, natural or fried in batter, there are many possibilities!

The seafood cocktail

Seafood products are delicious to taste individually as the shrimps or the squids. However, the possibility to mix several seafood products is possible by tasting our seafood cocktail. In order not having to buy multiple packs of different products, we prepared this delicious mix of squids, mussels and shrimps. This cocktail can be used as much for chilled dishes or as a seafood salad than for warm dishes as pasta or rice. If you like already seasoned seafood, opt for the Frutti di Mare all’olio. Most of the seafoods mix are pre-cooked and easy to prepare.

The squids, squid tubes, cuttlefishes and octopus

The Calamar Romana is the customers most appreciated variety in the South of France. Presented in batter, these squid rings are fried in oil, and can be tasted at the aperitif with a dipping sauce. However, it exists other varieties, all delicious, such as the squid tubes. The squid tubes can be stuffed with vegetables, cheese or delicious sauces and are perfect for a barbecue.

The cuttlefishes are part of the cephalopods’ family. They are similar to the squids, but smaller and thinner. Cooked, they can be sliced in pieces, briefly milled and served in a salad. They can also be grilled. In our seafood cocktail mix, you can also find the cuttlefishes. 

The octopus are delicious served with vegetables. You can as well eat them raw but it is recommended to eat them baked. It makes them more tender and delicate.

The mussels, a pleasure for each occasion

The mussels belong to the molluscs’ family. We can find them in the Atlantic and English Channel cold waters, or in the warm Mediterranean and Pacific waters. The mussels can be sold with or without shells. If you buy them with shells, it has to be removed. To facilitate the preparation and making it faster, we already removed the shell of each mussel and cooked them. Hard to believe, but mussels suit every recipe. You can associate them with pasta, delicate soups or with some potatoes. 

The scallops

As before with the mussels, the scallops belong to the molluscs’ family. You can find them with or without shells. We call them scallops when they are sold outside of their shells. The roe, genital gland colored in red-orange for females and ivory-white for males, are just alongside the muscle. Our scallops are sold without roe and are MSC certified. Refined and delicate, the scallops are ideal for festive meals. Easy and quick to prepare, they can be tasted as much as appetizer or main course.

Tips for the fishes

There are different types of fishes. Some of them evolve in fresh waters but most of them are living in seas. Our fishes are sold whole or in filets. They can be cooked in several ways, according to your desires.

The salmon

Our salmon is available in filets, ASC certified or organic. The salmon is ideal for daily life and is very practical to cook. Quick and easy to prepare, the salmon is adaptable to many recipes : salad, vegetables, pizza, pastas or on skewers..

The pilchards 

Easy and fast to cook, the pilchards are part of the most popular fishes in Europe.  They are delicious on the grill, they can be fried of grilled. Try our whole MSC certified pilchards, delicious and sustainable.

The trout

Our trouts are available whole. Except from the time necessary to thaw, the trout is very quick and easy to prepare. You can stuff the trout with vegetables, lemon or simply place it whole on the grill. In summer, it is the perfect ally for your barbecues, a good alternative to the classical meat skewers and sausages.