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Frutti di Mare on vegetables

Frutti di Mare on vegetables

A healthy dish, good for the health! Steffi from “Graumenfreundin” has created this delicious recipe: Frutti di Mare refined with broccols, rice and coconut milk. Ideal as a main dish, for a lunch or a balance diner.

Cooking Instructions: Pfanne
Ready in 30 minutes


For 4 persons 

400g of Frutti di Mare

1 broccoli

2 (spring) onions

2 tablespoons of colza oil

200g of basmati rice

400ml of coconut milk

2 teaspoon of sesame seeds

Some coriander

For the vinaigrette:

2 oranges

100ml of vegetable broth

200ml of coconut milk

1 teaspoon of maize starch

Some curry, some cinnamon

1 tablespoon of sugar

Salt, pepper

Cooking Instructions:

1. Thaw the Frutti di Mare.

2. Separate the broccoli heads, cut the onions in slices. Cook the broccoli in salted boiling water for 8 minutes.

3. Prepare the rice as indicated on the packaging, with some coconut milk and 200ml of water.

4. Warm up the colza oil in a frying pan and brown the defrost Frutti di Mare with the onions for 2 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside.

5. Squeeze the orange and cut the other one. Mix the vegetables broth with the coconut milk and the orange juice in a pot and bring to boil.

6. Mix the maize starch in the water until the obtention of a smooth consistency. Add the maize starch in the pot. Bring to boil and let simmer until the sauce is bind. Add some orange pieces and season with salt, pepper, curry, cinnamon and the sugar.

7. Serve the rice with the Frutti di Mare vegetables and the orange sauce on a large plate. You can garnish with some sesame seed and chopped coriander.